Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Review: More Fool Me- Stephen Fry

I'm not normally one for memoir, but I picked 'More Fool Me' up as I had received a (signed woooo!!) copy for my birthday. As the third installment of Fry's autobiography , it covers the 1980s-90s era of his life. Luckily for those who haven't read the first two volumes (like me) the first section is an overview of what had happened up until 'More Fool Me'. I have to say, I think I enjoyed this part the best out of the entire autobiography, and I'm now very keen to read the first two books.

I really liked the narration Stephen gives, and could not help reading it with his voice (if that makes any sense) the words he uses and endless footnotes make it seem really personal.

Some of the stories were quite funny as well, especially the one including 'Blur' and 'Oasis'- sorry no spoilers!- and hearing about Hugh Laurie, who is another of my favourite actors.The timeline does tend to skip around a bit, and while I didn't really mind this, I think it may be something that could grate on other readers.

However, I felt that the end of the book was a bit of a let down. It comprises mostly of diary entries which seemed to include endless celebrity dinners, theatre visits, premieres, cocaine and alcohol. While it was interesting to read about this, it did get a little tiresome.I also felt a little out of the loop with respect to some of the TV shows and actors who are a little before my time, so this may be different if you are old enough to have seen Stephen in some of these productions. Overall, a good book to read if you are a Fry enthusiast and are interested in learning about the London high life.


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