Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Favourite Bloggers

Reading blogs is unsurprisingly one of my favourite pastimes. I love sitting with my laptop on a cold Sunday morning and catching up on my favourite blogger's posts. I find it quite inspiring, their posts and photography are always so much better than mine, and it gives me something to aspire to. I read quite a variety of different blogs- they're not all books related! I really like reading this sort of post to discover new blogs to read, so I thought I'd do one as well, and hopefully give you some more reading material!

1. Leyla Lava

You might remember from my post on penpals that my penpal Leyla runs a blog all about her gap year. She writes about what she's been up to each week with beautiful photography and often posts film reviews as well. Her writing is honest and really engaging- it's so good!

2. Brittany Bathgate

Fellow Norwich gal Brittany has probably THE BEST style in the world. Her blog is incredibly cool, and I am so jealous of her amazing photography. Her writing style is again relaxed and honest- it feels like she's talking directly to you, and I'm not going to lie, I do get a little bit excited when I see somewhere I recognise in her photos!

3. Ariel Bissett

Ariel is one of my favourite youtubers and when I found out that she also had a blog I was so excited. She writes about exactly what I want to read about: a mix of writing and other projects. If you watch her youtube channel or are interested in anything literary, definitely give her a read.

4. FashionMumblr

Josie is one of my favourite bloggers because she is so honest. Although I'm definitely not a fashion blogger (I am by no means cool enough) her posts about the 'blogging lifestyle' are so inspiring. She doesn't hide the uglier sides and I really admire her for it.

5. Dizzybrunette3

Corrie again is such an honest blogger, and her blog is one of my favourites to curl up and read on a rainy evening. She writes so personally , and also has some really great posts about blogging which I read on a regular basis. She's definitely who I go to for a bit of inspiration and reassurance when I'm in a writing slump.

6. Bookswept

Bookswept by Yuri Hobart is by far the most beautiful blog I read. Her photography is stunning and her posts so eloquently worded- I'm just in awe whenever I visit. She writes a mix of literary and reflection posts, all of which are easily digestible as well as beautiful. I really really enjoy catching up with her writing.

So, those are some of my favourite bloggers- there are so many more, but I didn't want this post to get too rambly! Please please take a look at their blogs, they are sure to inspire you to write!

E x


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