Thursday, 22 December 2016

Books for Boys

Boys are always so difficult to buy for, whether it be for birthdays or Christmases. Books are my favourite things to get for people so I thought I would combine these two things and write about books to buy for boys!

Sherlock Holmes

Why not get someone who loves to watch 'Sherlock' the original novels? In fact, even if they don't watch the TV series, Sherlock Holmes is a great read, especially for someone who likes adventure and mystery. There are so many editions of these stories as well, so finding one that the person will like shouldn't be too difficult!

John Wyndham

For a sci-fi lover, whether young or old, John Wyndham is a good author to go for. I like the slightly retro vibe of the stories, and they are so well written that you can imagine all of the weird and wonderful things happening in your life.

Fahrenheit 451- Ray Bradbury

Again, for those who love sci-fi and dystopian fiction, Fahrenheit 451 is such a good read. It's a book that forces you to question issues around censorship and technology without being too 'preachy' if you know what I mean!

On The Road- Jack Kerouac

There is something about Kerouac's writing that screams adventure. If you know someone who is permanently staring out of the window, or often talks about that trip around the world that they're planning, Kerouac is a great choice.

John Krakauer

If the guy you're buying for isn't a huge fan of novels, moving into the world of non fiction can be a good idea. Krakauer writes about his own experiences and expeditions, such as 'Into Thin Air' which is about his own trip to Everest, and about the adventures of others such as 'Into the Wild', about the life of Chris McCandless, as an investigative journalist. 'Into the Wild' has also recently been made into a film (which is also amazing). These books are such a good read for someone who loves adventuring and spending time outdoors.

I hope that gave you a little bit of an idea of what to get difficult-to-buy-for men for Christmas. Of course, these recommendations aren't limited to just boys- they are amazing reads for anyone!



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