Sunday, 18 December 2016

Books on a Budget

Books can be really expensive, even paperbacks when you buy them new can add up, so I thought I'd come up with a few ways to get books for Christmas presents without breaking the bank!

1. Charity Shops
I think charity shops are probably one of my favourite places to get hold of books. You can't guarantee the books or editions they'll have, but you can find some real gems. I got this beautiful book of Shakespearian sonnets from a charity shop at home for under £3! If you're looking for no book in particular, charity shops are the way to go.

2. Second hand book shops
Second hand book shops are such a good place to get beautiful books for an affordable price. Granted, you have to be into the shabby chic style of books, but if you're looking for something to perk up a bookshelf, most second hand book shops will have a discounted section where you can get wonderful vintage books for a much cheaper price!

3. Amazon

Amazon is probably the easiest place to pick up the books you want in the edition you want for not much money at all. This is how I got most of my course books! The only downside is that they sometimes aren't in a great condition, but personally I really like it when books are a little battered- they seemed well loved, and sometimes people have left annotations on some of the pages, which really interests me.

4. Cheaper books

If you shop around you can find books that are actually really good value! I would recommend the Penguin Little Black Classics, which you might remember from my post about books I took to uni. They're collections of short stories, poems and non fiction extracts bound up into little volumes that cost around £1 a book for the new releases, and 80p for the original 80. If you're on a budget, but still want to get someone a new book, something like this is a really good choice. Another series is the Penguin Great Ideas, which is a vast collections of essays and speeches at around £5 a book!

Buying books on a budget is definitely possible, rummage around enough and you might find your next favourite book!

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