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Books to buy for bibliophiles

Welcome to the first of the 12 days of Blogmas! I'm yet to find out if I am insane by trying to write a blog post everyday, but at the moment I'm full of enthusiasm and am so excited to share the upcoming posts with you!
At this time in December, most people seem to be buying their Christmas presents. Towns and cities are getting busier and it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what to get everyone. So, I've put together a little list of book-y ideas to get the literature lover in your life.

1. Clothbound Classics

I think beautiful books make such brilliant Christmas presents. When we buy books for ourselves, I at least tend to go for cheaper, standard editions as it's hard to justify spending a bit more on a really pretty edition when the same pages are available in a cheaper form. Therefore, I think treating someone to a beautiful copy of a book they want to read is such a nice idea. I know that buying books for bibliophiles can be a challenge as it's impossible to know exactly what books they have and will like, but personally, I don't think anyone would complain at having two copies of a favourite novel (coming for someone with three copies of Anna Karenina), especially if one is absolutely stunning. My favourite pretty books at the moment are Penguin's Clothbound Classics that I talked about in this post, as I think they go so well together on a shelf, as well as standing out individually. They're not overly expensive as well, being around £15- £18 reach, so are a perfect Christmas present choice.

2. Non Fiction

Non fiction books are also a great choice for people with extensive fiction libraries. While I do find myself buying novels for myself relatively often, I hardly ever get non fiction books. I recently received this wonderful book called Reading the World by Ann Morgan, and I think it would make such a great present. Even if you're not too sure what the person you're buying for would be interested in, buying a book about books is a good option, and is something a little different for them to read.

3. Books specific to each person

In a similar way to non fiction books, buying books that relate to a person's life can be another interesting way to give new reading material. For example, before I came to university, my dad gave me this little book about St Andrews and I absolutely love it. We tend to take the places we live for granted, and by having this little book it means that I can find hidden places in town that I would probably walk past every day if I didn't know about them. Getting someone a little book like this, or one that is relevant to another part of their life, such as the biography of one of their favourite authors can be such a personal gift, and will be really appreciated.

4. Recipe books

Recipe books are something else which can be a very personal gift. For example, if you know someone at, or about to go to university something like the Nosh for Students books that I bang on about all the time are a great choice, or you could get a cook book with recipes from somewhere the person has been or holiday or would like to go. I think this is such an easy way to give someone a book that they'll use a lot if they like cooking, and is really worth the money. It only gets a bit tricky if like my family, their cook book collection is a little out of hand (we have a floor to ceiling set of shelves that is FULL of them), but keep an eye out for new releases, or vintage classics (like One is Fun) that they're unlikely to have

5. New Releases

This final idea is probably the most risky out of all five, but I think it can also be the most appreciated. When books are first released they generally come out in hardback first, and I tend to avoid buying these for myself as they can be a little more expensive, so wait for the release of the paperback. Therefore, getting someone the hardback version of a book they are really excited to read can be such a good gift! I would recommend Foxlowe, which I reviewed earlier this year as a great one to get, but have a look around and see if you can find one that might be destined for greatness!

So, I hope those gave you a few ideas of what to get someone who seems to have all the books in the world. My final tip for if you'd like to buy actual novels for a bibliophile is to if in doubt, ask! I know I would much rather receive a book that I'm excited to read rather than one that is likely to sit on my shelf for years to come.

See you tomorrow!

E x



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