Friday, 16 December 2016

Literary Christmas Presents

In my first Blogmas post I wrote about books you could buy bibliophiles for Christmas, but I speak from experience when I say that buying books for someone with a big collection can be daunting! So, I decided to give you a few ideas of what to buy someone with too many books already.

1. Mugs

One of my favourite things to do is to curl up, read a book, and have a cup of tea. There's something just so cozy about a hot drink in a lovely mug on a winter's evening! You also can never have enough mugs, and they're something that people can use again and again. Mugs come so many different patters and styles, but I really love the ones that are book related! I have a scrabble mug and a old penguin style Jane Eyre mug, and I love them both.

2. Jewellery

Literary jewellery is probably one of my favourite things. I'm constantly lusting after the necklaces from this website- I just think they are the perfect thing to get someone who really likes the books they are based around! I think that giving a necklace, or other piece of jewellery that represents someone's favourite book is such a lovely way to treat them to something different, and is also such a thoughtful present. If you'd rather not get something linked to a specific novel, letter jewellery is another great idea. I have this 'E' necklace that my wonderful sister got me for my birthday and I absolutely love it!


A lot of readers are also writers, so a notebook will always be appreciated! Beautiful notebooks make such a good present, and they really are a fool proof present for someone who loves writing!

4.Recipie Journal

Kind of inkeeping with the notebook theme, a recipie journal can be another good idea. Especially for someone who's just gone to uni or moved into a new house, it's a great way of recording all of those recipies your mum gives you before you move away, and saves you scrolling months back in WhatsApp messages to find the screenshots of them (I speak from experience!).


Reading is good, but sometimes all you want to do is curl up in bed and watch a film. For a book lover, a book related film is a perfect choice! My current favourite is 'The Dead Poets Society', it's such a cozy film to watch and isn't based on a book, so there's no need to get cross about bad adaptations! My other favourites at the moment are The Da Vinci code and The Great Gatsby.

So, I hope that's given you a few ideas of what to get someone who loves books! Let me know what book realted things you'd like to receive for Christmas!!

E x



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