Friday, 23 December 2016

Novel Alternatives

I think there's a bit of a pre-conception that liking books goes hand in hand with reading novels. Obviously there is a correlation, but novels aren't the only type of book that are published! here are a few other types of books that you might enjoy if you're not one for fiction!


Essays are a good way of getting to know an author's writing and opinions without the cover of characters and plot. They're good to dip in and out of- you don't have to read them all in one go. I really like the penguin great ideas series, they have a really good selection of writings and of course look great together on a shelf.


If you're not a fan of committing to a lot of pages, poetry can be a good alternative. It is often just as enjoyable as a novel, but normally much shorter!

Graphic Novels

Fairly self explanatory, but graphic novels tell a story without solely relying on words. They're so good to read if you've been doing something like revising all day, and your brain can't take anymore writing! My favourite is 'Gloaming' by Keaton Henson. There are no words at all, and is perhaps regarded as more a collection of artwork than a graphic novel, but I think the sequence of pictures tells a story, and that that story differs with each reader.

Non Fiction

There are plenty of longer non fiction books too, although I think they're my least favourite reading material. If you like getting lost in a book but aren't a fan of a plot and characters, try a non fiction book!

Books that have been made into films

Okay so technically this is a novel, but if you're not a fan of reading in general then choosing something that inspired one of your favourite films might be good. I really like Martian, so I'm really keen to read the book!

I hope that gave you a few ideas of what to read if you're not a fan of novels- let me know what you like to read the most!

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