Sunday, 1 January 2017

2017 Reading Resolutions!

I'm usually not one for resolutions- I tend to forget them, and then break them within the first few weeks of January! This year however, I've decided to make 5 reading related resolutions to try and keep. Hopefully, by posting them on here I'll be motivated to stick to them, and hopefully they'll help you decide how you're going to read this year!

1. #OwnVoices

Inspired by whittynovels on twitter, I would really like to start reading more diversely, and to read more books written by members of marginalised communities. When looking at my own library I've realised that very few books are written by people who aren't white, heterosexual, English, or American, and this year I'd really like to change that. Obviously it's going to be tricky with all of my reading for university, but I'd like to make a real effort in terms of my leisure reading.

2. Read more

I think everyone making reading resolutions for the coming year will have this somewhere on their list! For me, it refers to reading more books that aren't to do with my university courses! Most of my free time at the moment is spent watching Netflix or films, and I'd really like to make an effort to read more that isn't a classic in this time! I feel like I've become distanced from new fiction in the last few years and I'd really like to change that. If you have any recommendations, do let me know!

3. Read a non-fiction book

All of the books I read in 2016 were fiction, so I'd really like to change it up a bit and read something that is non fiction. I don't have much idea about where to start here, so again, recommendations are welcome!

4. Go to more literary events

This one is kind of self explanatory, but I'd really like to go to something that is related to books!

5. Keep up with this blog!

I've been trying to write a blog for years now, but my posts have traditionally been sporadic to say the least. In the last couple of months it feels like writing regularly has clicked and so I'd really like to keep it up! Writing blog posts gives me something to focus on that is totally down to me, I can decide what and when I write without the stress of marks or exams. It's such an enjoyable and rewarding thing to have going, and I don't plan on giving up this time!

So, that's what I'm planning to achieve with my reading this year, and you can follow how I'm getting on with my GoodReads page! What are you planning to do?

E x



  1. Good luck with your reading resolutions; you have some great goals listed.

    I wasn't much of a non fiction reader, I'm really still not now to be honest, but when I do pick up non fiction books they tend to be around the theme of reading, books etc. I'm currently rereading The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell which is a great non fiction title, and would be a good transition in to the genre is you haven't already read it. Another non fiction book I'd recommend is Daily Rituals by Mason Currey.

    Happy new year, and I hope to see more posts from you.

  2. I've never read The Bookshop Book, but it'd really like to! Happy new year to you too, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog! <3


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