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Review | Bloom- Estee Lalonde

I received Bloom as a Christmas present from my wonderful boyfriend Rob, and set about reading it right away! Estee Lalonde is one of my favourite YouTubers and bloggers, and so when I saw that she was releasing a book, I was so excited to read it!

Bloom is a kind of biography/advice book/lifestyle guide covering a wide range of topics such as Life, People, Work, Beauty, Fashion, Home, Travel and Food. It's such a beautiful book- cover is a mix of a turquoise fabric texture and rubbery finish with gold highlights, with peach endpapers that perfectly compliment the cover. Each of the different sections has a different colour theme, but they all work together so well and give a wonderful overall look to the book. There are also lots of photographs throughout, a mixture of childhood and more recent pictures. I think they really bring the book to life, and give a personal touch to the writing.

I really liked the division into sections, allowing it to be picked up at any point, and making the book a great one to flip through and read in little chunks. The topics covered are also wide ranging meaning it doesn't become too samey. Equally, although the book follows Estee's own experiences, it isn't an event by event account of her life- many of the things she speaks about are relateable, and she offers genuine, realistic advice for people going through similar things. Also, rather than being written entirely in one format, there are sections written by those around Estee in the form of letters as well as lists, quotes and blog posts meaning it is always interesting to read.

Aside from how beautiful Bloom is, my favourite thing about it is how genuine it seems. Firstly, I like the fact that it's about a YouTuber. I think when the word 'YouTuber' is mentioned, it conjours ideas of someone constantly installed behind a laptop making videos aimed specifically at young teenagers. It's a job that is often not recognised as being a legitimate career as it often begins as a hobby and can, in theory, be done by anyone. For me, however, Bloom reveals the commitment, determination and in some ways bravery required to film and publish regular content all while putting a good chunk of personal life online, and coming under regular scrutiny by viewers.

In Bloom, Estee reveals herself to be someone who is not a traditional celebrity, her 'fame' is entirely self built through her own determination. I have read reviews of the book the criticise it for poor writing style and grammar, but for me I didn't really notice this. Yes, you could tell that it wasn't written by a professional author- it didn't have that highly polished prose that is found in many autobiographies and books written by celebrities with the help of a ghost writer, but I really liked this. It felt like Estee had written every word herself, and had stuck to her guns about what she did and didn't want to include. Throughout the books she talks about how she aims for her content to be as truthful as possible, and that doesn't stop with this book.

I'd recommend Bloom to anyone who enjoys Estee's videos and blog posts and would like to know a bit more about her life and what lead her to her online career, as well as those interested in making YouTube videos or writing a blog themselves. Also, it would be a good read for those who aren't familiar with YouTubing or blogging as a career, and would like to know a bit more about the industry. Even if you're not familiar with Estee online, it's just a great book in general- and would look beautiful on a coffee table!

Bloom is a book that I can genuinely see myself re-reading, and re-visiting sections again and again, and I'm so glad I've had the opportunity to read it. Well done Estee!

E x

Bloom is available at Waterstones, WH Smith, Foyles, Amazon and The Book Depository in the UK. Availability outside the UK can be found here!

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