Sunday, 12 February 2017

Love Me Not: 5 Valentines Readers you're sure to know

With Valentines day around the corner there can be so many mixed feelings floating around. If you're in a relationship it's time to show your better half how much you appreciate and love them, but if you're single it can leave you feeling a bit flat. I thought I'd give you a few book recommendations to fit with your valentines day situation, whether you're loved up or loving that pizza (or both).

The Romantic:

Whether or not you have a significant other, reading a really romantic novel is a great way of spending valentines day! I like the traditional, so I think a Jane Austen is such a perfect fit. Romance and Jane Austen go hand in hand - Who couldn't fall in love with Mr Darcy! Even if you're only reading a romance to wallow in your own singleness, you really can't go wrong with a classic!

The Single and not ready to Mingle:

When you're single and feeling alone, why not read something that makes you feel totally badass- and Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur fills those requirements! There are sections on relationships and break ups so you can re-live the pain of your past loves, but messages of empowerment and strength are woven throughout. It's so hard not to read her poetry and not feel like you can take on the world straight after!

The Emotional Wreck:

Who doesn't love a good cry, and what better book to have a good cry to than Tess of the D'Urbervilles. I remember finishing it and just sitting there for about 10 minutes are in floods of tears. It will totally break your heart, but hey- we all need that sometimes!

The Galentines:

Valentines if for friends too! I received this book about New York from my American pen pal, and it means so much!! You don't have to be in a relationship with someone to show that you care, and I firmly believe that gifting someone your favourite book, or a book that means a lot to you and your life is a brilliant way to do it. Even if you just lend your best friend your favourite paperback for the weekend, they will appreciate it so much! So, rather than me recommending you a book for your best friends, recommend your favourite, and ask them what theirs is too!

The 'I don't do Valentines':

We all know someone like this- they've been through a particularly nasty breakup or have been single for a while and state that Valentines is not their thing. Then, you'll find them sobbing in a corner 10 minutes later. Okay, jokes aside- why not read something that is at times so unfeeling that you'll feel like the softest and most emotional person around? I really like 'We Need To Talk About Kevin' by Lionel Shriver. You'll hate a lot of the characters, but you will definitely bit hit around the face with a metaphorical sledgehammer at a certain point- and boy do you need those tears by then!

So, what are your plans for Valentines? Mine will probably consist of going to lectures (boo) and wishing my boyfriend was a couple of hundred miles closer. Let me know, and have a good day!

E x

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