Sunday, 19 February 2017

What I Read in January

I have to admit that January hasn't been the best reading month for me! At the beginning of the month I was still at home and was getting over my post exam reading slump, so most books I read have been for my modules this semester! I did start another book while I was at home, but I want to talk about it when it's finished so I can do a full review.
Anyway, here are the books that I read in January!

Milk and Honey- Rupi Kaur

I won't talk about this too much as I've written a full review, but I really liked it. I don't read too much poetry outside of my studies, but this definitely made me want to read more! If you're into poetry or want to read something that embodies what it is to be female and human, then definitely pick it up! You can read my full review here, and you can buy Milk and Honey here!

Oroonoko- Aphra Behn

Okay so this is the first of my books for my English module this term! You'll see a lot more of the books that I read in the next few months. I can't really say that I liked Oroonoko, but it was a good read for study if that makes sense! It follows Prince Oroonoko and Imoinda as they are tricked into slavery and transported to Surinam, narrated by a female narrator who claims to have known Oroonoko. It is difficult to read and a struggle to get through, but I did have to read it and I'm glad that I did. I wouldn't recommend reading it unless you're studying it or are interested in that kind of 17th Century travel writing, but hey ho, it was interesting.

Gulliver's Travels- Johnathon Swift

I LOVED this book. It's not too often that I read something for study that I would actually have enjoyed if I hadn't been writing an essay on it, but this really is one of those books. It's such a good mix of fantasy, but not overly fantastical- there are no dragons etc, as well as being super funny. It's kind of a satire of travel writing at the time, like Oroonoko, but even with that aside it's still a great read. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to go on a bit of an adventure. You can also get it in a BEAUTIFUL clothbound addition which is currently tempting me.

Life of Galileo- Bertolt Brecht

This isn't technically a book but I still read it so I think it counts. Life of Galileo is a play focusing on Galileo and his struggle against the catholic church to have his theory that the Earth goes round the sun, but it can also be read as detailing the conflict between reason and ideology. I probably wouldn't recommend reading the play, but if it does happen to be on at a theatre near you then definitely have a watch!

You can buy any of the books I've been reading this month at The Book Depository - most of them are currently discounted!

Let me know what you've been reading this month!

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