Sunday, 13 August 2017

10 Tips for Results Day

This year's results day is just around the corner (sorry for reminding you), and a lot of people will be feeling incredibly nervous/ a little bit excited about it. My A Level results day last year was honestly one of the most terrifying/ amazing/ horrible/ emotional/ exciting days of my life, and I really don't envy anyone who will be picking up results this year! I thought I would put together a few tips for how to face results day for those awaiting it's imminent arrival- Good luck!

1. Make sure you know your timings
The night before go over what time everything happens- what time UCAS opens, what time you can go into school, what time clearing opens etc. If you know beforehand, you won't be rushing around and panicked the next day. 

2. Try not to wake up too early 
I know this is really hard, especially if you can't sleep when you're nervous, but there is really no point in getting up before UCAS is open (more on this later). Try and get a good night's sleep, and distract yourself with something else if you wake up way way way too early. There really is no point in setting an alarm for 5am when UCAS say they open at 8am- you'll just be waiting around twiddling your thumbs.

3. Refresh UCAS early 
Although UCAS say that you can log in from 8am, start refreshing about an hour before. I found out I had been accepted at about 7:30- so half an hour early, and the sooner you know the better!

4. Look at UCAS before you go and collect your results 
This is probably the best piece of advice I can give. Knowing whether or not you've been accepted into uni before you open your results can save a lot of awkward moments and confusion. If you are lucky enough to have been accepted to your first choice, you know that your results are good and you can go in and just enjoy the day and celebrations. On the other hand, if you haven't been accepted, you can make a plan of which teachers you need to talk to, if you need to avoid friends, if you need to organise clearing etc.

5. Make sure you check what your Uni wants you to do
This is totally dependent on each university- some will want you to confirm your place with them, or to sort out accommodation, or will just want to check that you're happy. Not everywhere will require you to contact them, but it's best to make sure just in case.

6. If you're nervous, don't open your results in front of people
This gives you a bit of time to compose yourself after you've seen what you've got. It means you can have a bit of a sob or do a silly celebration dance or whatever without having to put on a front to those around you.

7. Don't focus too much on your actual grades
As silly as it may sound, it's not your grades that actually matter on results day, it's whether or not you've ended up getting wherever you want to go. Don't beat yourself up about getting a B instead of an A if it doesn't change your outcome. I dropped a grade and still got into my first choice uni, so a lot of the time it doesn't even make a difference to where you end up.

8. Avoid social media if you're at all disappointed
People will be rightly very proud of themselves if they've done well in their exams, so needless to say a lot of people will put how they've done on social media to let friends and families know. It can be so disheartening to read of other people's success if you haven't ended up getting the grades you want, so definitely avoid social media for a while if you end up in this situation. Similarly, try not to ask people how they've done- let them tell you first. this avoids any awkwardness between friends who might not have gotten into uni, and those who have been successful.

9. It's not the be all and end all
A lot of my friends and people I know from school didn't end up at all where they expected, and are having the time of their lives somewhere completely different. There are also people who have changed uni from the ones they got into on results day, or perhaps have taken a gap year instead. There is so much pressure for everything to go exactly as you expect, but the reality is that it probably won't turn out how you anticipate, and that's completely fine! If things don't go to plan, see it as a new opportunity rather than a disappointment and embrace it with open arms!

10. Celebrate!
Go out and have an amazing time with your friends once everything is sorted out! It's such a good opportunity to have a good time together before you're all off to different parts of the country and world!

If you're collecting results this year- Good Luck! and I hope everything goes well for you! Results day will be an emotional rollercoaster for everyone, but try and enjoy as much as possible - if all goes well it'll only happen once!

E x

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